eric vohr canoe MyanmarEric Vohr has been travel writing since 1992 when he wrote his first story about mountain biking the Mekong River while working as a journalist in Cambodia.

Since those days, he has traveled much of the world writing for the Washington Post, Dallas Morning News, Chicago Tribune, Miami Herald, Philadelphia Inquirer, Ski Magazine, Sail Magazine, the Saturday Evening Post, and over 50 other international newspapers and magazines. He is also a three-time recipient of travel writing awards from the Caribbean Tourism Organization.

Some of Eric’s passions include sailing, hiking, biking, canoeing and diving, and he incorporates these into many of his trips and stories.

A common thread that connects all of Eric’s work is his desire to showcase and protect the world’s natural beauty and resources. He hopes that by sharing the world’s many natural wonders through his writing, he will inspire people to take action to preserve the Earth’s precious resources for generations to come.

To this end, Eric is focused on writing about and promoting sustainable eco-tourism. All too often travel to the world’s unspoiled destinations unfortunately spoils these natural wonders. It is essential therefore that we learn about and practice sustainable travel practices. These include engaging, embracing and involving local people and cultures, using traditional material and methods in constructing tourism accommodations, keeping them small and intimate, and helping locals become part of tourism not only as employees but also as business owners and managers. In this way, we need to protect the beautiful places in the world and the cultures that are intrinsically tied to these lands. These are the things we travel to see, so why destroy it in the process?